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A leading scientist in the UK wants Johnson to cancel his India trip

Dr. Peter Drobac, one of the top scientists in the UK, has criticized Johnson’s plans to visit India this month. Several meetings are set to take place during his presence on April 26 in Delhi.

A new coronavirus variant, which is also found in the UK, has been blamed for the rise in India’s number of new cases. The Asian nation reported more than 200,000 new cases and 1000 plus deaths on April 16. But, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is planning to visit India during the last week this month.

Dr. Peter Drobac, a well-known Global Health Expert at the University of Oxford, said, “I am not sure if there’s any business between British Prime Minister and Indian leaders that cannot be done via video conferencing. Such a step will set a good example considering everything happening in India right now. I don’t really understand why such a trip is considered as a priority.”

Dr. Peter Drobac

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Several states, including India’s capital, Delhi, are struggling due to bed, oxygen, and medicine shortages.

Initially planned for January, several journalists and a trade delegation of industry experts were expected to accompany Johnson. However, now, according to the British Government spokesperson, the trip has been cut short due to the worsening health crisis in India. Johnson’s supporters claim the trip and bilateral meeting with India’s Prime Minister Modi is crucial for improving the UK’s ties with the Asian country.