• Nitten Gokhaley

Why did Accenture invest in cybersecurity firm Prevailion?

Prevailion claims it can detect malware communication on ISP networks. Roughly 80 to 90% of fortune 500 companies have compromised devices!

Considered as a small cybersecurity company, Prevailion is in the headlines these days. The firm has managed to attract big investors like Irongrey, Accenture Ventures, and Allstate Strategic Ventures.

Prevailion says its solutions can help detect malware inside any given company’s systems without physically accessing the firm’s computers. The claim has mystified cybersecurity experts.

What’s so unique?

The company has a simple and very logical explanation. Malware constantly communicates with command and control servers. Put simply, it uses the internet. Prevailion has access to ISP Networks in the US that enables them to see pings. The company already tracks a million malware pings daily. It can identify and isolate pings. These solutions can even highlight the target companies, types of malware, and organizations that have placed malware with the help of reverse engineering.

The data can be helpful to businesses, insurance firms, and private equity companies that wish to check cyber risks faced by firms they plan to acquire.

Prevailion claims there are more than 28 k organizations that have compromised devices. Karim Hijazi, the founder, and CEO of Prevailion, recently interacted with CNBC’s Eamon Javers and highlighted some scary prospects.

He pointed out, “There is a misperception that some companies are merely vulnerable and not compromised. Our data indicates there is embedded malware and cyber pandemic that’s waiting to be activated. Roughly 80 to 90% of fortune 500 companies are already infected with malware. Russia probably has kill-switch software on some of America’s biggest companies. This could be one of the probable explanations behind high malware activity volume observed by Prevailion.” The cybersecurity firm has not explicitly named its ISP partners whose networks the firm can access and monitor.

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