• Nitten Gokhaley

Biden urged to enforce Leahy Law on China-backed Pakistani Security Services

Washington, D.C., March 24, 2021 :

A former government minister in Balochistan has appealed to US President Joe Biden to enforce the Leahy Law on Pakistan Security Services for gross human rights violations in Balochistan, mainly enforced disappearances.

In a letter to President Biden, Dr. Tara Chand, President of the Baloch American Congress (BAC), said since the US has an abiding commitment to defend human rights and uphold the rule of law the world over, it must help the people of Balochistan.

Singling out Beijing for being in cahoots with the perpetrators of the crimes against humanity, he said, “With the full support of China, the state actors involved in carrying out enforced disappearances in Balochistan with impunity are the Southern Command of Pakistan Army, Inter-Services Intelligence, Military Intelligence, and the paramilitary Frontier Corps.”

Dr. Tara Chand, BAC President

The Leahy Law prohibits the US government from doing business with military-related entities involved in human rights violations. Dr. Tara Chand urged President Biden to direct the Department of State and Department of Defense to take the necessary action in line with the Leahy Law. He also pointed out that since the early 2000s, upwards of 20,000 Baloch from different walks of life like political activists, students, doctors, lawyers, singers, poets, artists, sportsmen, and ordinary working folks have gone missing. Most of them were protesting against Islamabad’s unjust treatment and demanding fundamental human rights.

“This gives Balochistan the dubious distinction of being third in the world in terms of the number of missing persons, following Syria and Sri Lanka,” the BAC president said.

Chand stressed the point that over the years, mutilated bodies of scores of the victims were dumped on the wayside and desolate places by the state security services in Balochistan; the fate of thousands remains unknown to this day.

“Families of all missing persons have been protesting for years in front of press clubs in Quetta, Karachi, and Islamabad. These families have staged perhaps the world’s longest freedom march from Quetta to Karachi and Islamabad, some 1,350 miles, but to no avail. Meanwhile, new cases of enforced disappearances are being reported even now,” Dr. Tara Chand lamented.