• Nitten Gokhaley

Five ways to reshape your career during the COVID-19 pandemic

Updated: Mar 14

Businesses are still suffering due to pandemic related restrictions. The coronavirus crisis has almost turned the world upside down. Companies are restructuring their business models, and this is resulting in job losses across various sectors. Here are five ways that can help boost your career in 2021, during this challenging time.

1> Assess the situation:

In the private sector, specific jobs have high contact with people. For example, the sales force

goes out and meets a lot of people. Some offices also have many visitors, depending on the line of work. Firms may reduce their sales force and automate office jobs until vaccine passport systems are put in place.

Several positions may diminish during the coming months. Jobs that involve seeing people (physically meeting people) may not have a bright future. Physical distancing is the new norm; thus, people engaged in such jobs may witness a negative impact on their career even despite the arrival of vaccines. So, it is the right time to assess if your job has a promising future.

2> Focusing on your passion:

As countless HR professionals and career counselors suggest, it is always better to identify, pursue your passion, and turn the same in your profession. Use the pandemic as an opportunity to pursue your interest. Upgrade your knowledge and qualifications with online courses.

3> Innovate:

People must understand new demands in the market and innovate to meet new opportunities.

4> Using technology:

Everyone is currently using technology to stay connected; people are much more accessible than pre-COVID levels. Use technology to allow you to innovate and encash the new opportunities presented by COVID-19. Put simply, work towards gaining something, rather than being a victim to the pandemic situation.

5> Adapt:

The situation keeps changing, right from the first wave to the second wave. Everyone is learning new things about the disease, and policies are being adjusted accordingly. If you adapt to these changes and maintain your work quality, you can retain your clients by ensuring customer satisfaction.

Some professionals may not have the luxury to do all these things. But, people have managed to survive and even thrive despite challenges.