• Nitten Gokhaley

Interesting Trivia: Here’s what late Yash Chopra had said about Salim-Javed’s separation

Salim Khan and Javed Akhtar’s writing partnership resulted in some of Bollywood’s most iconic films during the 70s and 80s. Salim-Javed, combined with director Yash Chopra and producer Gulshan Rai, had managed to change the rules of the game in Bollywood.

Movie buffs were left heart-broken when Salim-Javed made their decision to split public. A lot has been written about the possible reasons behind the split. Several years later, both appeared extremely magnanimous to each other during their interaction with Rajeev Masand in 2014. On separation, Akhtar said, “Both took credit for the success, and if anything went wrong, then that responsibility is also mutual.”

“They failed to create anything substantial after separation”

Love legend, late Yash Chopra shared some exciting trivia about Mashaal. Mashaal was Javed Akhtar’s first film as an independent story, screenplay, and dialogue writer. It was Yash Chopra’s first deglamorized, hardcore, realistic theme surrounding poverty and crime.

While sharing his opinion on Salim-Javed’s separation, Chopra said, “Working with Javed was not much different than working with Salim-Javed. But, everyone observed that there was some magic when these two people worked together. They gave some wonderful scripts. After separation, both of them could not create anything on their own, script-wise or dialogue-wise. Only Javed created a space for himself with his beautiful lyrics. His first film as a lyricist was my film, Silsala.”