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Did you know? Patricia Richardson had lost the audition for THIS character from Mr. Belvedere!

Ilene Graff won over Patricia Richardson.

Mr. Belvedere happens to be one of the funniest, well-written shows with silly and adult humor. It won’t be wrong to suggest the show has gained a cult classic status. Audiences, first-time watchers enjoy it on YouTube even today.

Christopher Hewett played Mr. Belvedere, Rob Stone was Kevin Owens, Brice Beckham played young Wesley, and the famous Bob Uecker (yes, MLB player and sportscaster) portrayed George. The beautiful Ilene Graff won our hearts as Marsha. However, there’s an interesting trivia about the character.

Tracy Tofte (Wells) does not need much of an introduction for the 80s and 90s kids. She played Heather Owens in Mr. Belvedere. With more than 18 national commercials, including those for Wyler’s Punch, Pepsi, and McDonald’s, she had already attracted the limelight before winning more hearts with Belvedere.

“In the beginning, the goal is getting a pilot, as it often proves to be a life-changing big deal. Late Cody Ewell was the casting director for Mr. Belvedere.”

During her interaction with Christy Lemire (Breakfast All Day A La Carte interview), Tracy pointed out,” Patricia Richardson had auditioned for Marsha Cameron Owens (Mom)’s role. She did not get selected for Mr. Belvedere, but later went on to do Home Improvement.”

But, Mr. Belvedere fans won’t criticize the casting director because Ilene Graff has indeed done justice to the role. The actress cum singer is very much active and has some impressive Broadway credits as well. She certainly is one of television’s most enduring moms, as pointed out by Jezlan Moyet while interacting with Ilene Graff back in 2019. She’s active on Facebook and Twitter.

If you are someone who loves hearing behind-the-scenes Hollywood stories, Tracy Wells Tofte’s interaction with Christy is the thing for you. It’s available on Spotify, and can be accessed without subscription in most countries. Besides insights from Belvedere’s casting, Tracy spoke about her Michael Jackson Pepsi commercial, views on the documentary “Leaving Neverland,” and her journey while transitioning from child stardom to adulthood. Tracy has earned a remarkable reputation as a realtor and interacts with fans on Instagram.

Watch this space for more from Tracy Tofte! We plan to interact with her on Mr. Belvedere. Also, her opinion on how realtors are using Instagram as a crucial tool during the pandemic.

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