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Here are strange hobbies that help people enjoy sex life in Tokyo

Updated: Jul 5

Considering the popularity of single lifestyles and low birthrates, Japan is often looked at as a sexually repressed nation. The image is only partially right because, surprisingly, the sex industry in Japan happens to be the second-largest one. People's sex life consists of some bizarre hobbies. Let's take a look at three of these weird hobbies, and possible trigger points behind the same.

Stealing women's panties

Back in March 2007, a man was arrested with as many as 4,000 women undergarments. The news story made it in the weird news headlines around the world. However, the news was not odd for the Japanese.

As per studies, a smelly vagina makes men horny. Panty sniffers love the scent of the vagina. Several men love sniffing women's panties and bra before sex.

People who steal women's underwear are referred to as "shitagi dorobou" in Japan. Panty theft is widespread in most parts of Japan. Women living in the apartment blocks hide their panties on clotheslines for drying with unique covers. The aim is to hide them from public view, and of course, from underwear thieves. But that doesn't help much, and men manage to get their hands on stuff.

Eating sushi off the naked bodies

Several media reports have highlighted how wealthy Chinese sex tourists visit Japan to exploit sex workers weirdly. They visit red-light areas, ask sex workers to perform like pornstars, and even pour drinks, sushi on their naked bodies to eat it off.

Women's private parts are covered with natural materials like a lotus leaf, while the rest of the body is covered with food. The practice is known as nyotaimori. Besides sex workers, even young models, and those looking for adventure in exhibitionism, offer such services to wealthy clients.

Guys and girls willing to remain half-naked, covered in raw fish, sprawled across a table can end up making $150 for an hour and a half.

From elderly cigar-smoking gentlemen to young Wall Street douchebags, both men and women looking for profoundly engaging sensory experiences end up try eating sushi off the naked bodies.

People are excused even if they say inappropriate things after a drink

In most nations, offensive behavior under intoxication is considered an offense. That's not the case in Japan. Bosses, male and female, often get away if they misbehave or make nasty comments while in the office or outside.

They can even comment on a woman's breasts, physical appearance and get away without punishment. On the other hand, such comments and humor are not taken lightly by women in other countries. Objectionable behavior under intoxication attracts longer prison terms in most nations. Thus, Japanese men often attract trouble when in other countries, especially on office-related assignments.

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