• Nitten Gokhaley

Will autonomous cars help cyclists take over roads?

Updated: Jul 7

  • While walking, we look both ways first because we are terrified of dumb drivers. Just imagine! What will happen if every car on the road becomes autonomous?

  • Researcher Adam Millard-Ball’s paper offers an attractive outlook.

  • Cyclists will not be terrified, and thousands of them may muster the confidence, take over the streets.

Another decade or so

Are we racing to the point when we would be able to type emails while the car drives itself for us?

It’s pretty clear; it’s coming, but how quickly?

The backseat

A select few can sit in one of Google’s Waymo cars in phoenix. These vehicles have received incredibly positive reviews, and systems are impressive, sophisticated than those in Tesla.

Individuals who got the opportunity to sit back and enjoy rides in Waymo believe everyone will be in the backseat of an autonomous vehicle in a decade or so. They think "KITT" from Knight Rider, is already here.

We are in the earlier stages of technology. But, most probably, it will end up becoming a phone that’s usable and affordable for all of us.

Some feel blown away by technology; others compare these cars with tanks consisting of dozens of cameras and sensors.

Will cyclists take over?

UCLA’s Urban Planner and Researcher Adam Millard-Ball’s paper titled “Pedestrians, Autonomous Vehicles, and Cities” offers an interesting perspective.

There’s a legitimate fear in cyclists and pedestrians that 1 out of 10 times drivers may not see them and harm or kill them unknowingly.

Autonomous cars won’t terrify people; they are perfect compared to humans. It will stop if someone cuts in front of it. The vehicle slows down if it sees people.

Computer-controlled vehicles will behave rationally, patiently, which human drivers often cannot.

Cyclists will not be terrified, and thousands of them may take over the streets.

In fact, it may not be possible to drive cars manually as cities may turn into pedestrian and cyclist-oriented neighborhoods.

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